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Thank You NSO!

I had an amazing time last week performing with the National Symphony Orchestra for kids in the D.C. area! There were so many people at the NSO involved in making these shows a huge success, and I can't wait to do this again in February. I sent the note below to them to give them a sense of my gratitude and excitement to have been involved with their orchestra and community:

 October 19, 2013

To my esteemed colleagues - the musicians of the NSO, my friend and awesome co-host Ankush, the best backstage crew ever, and to my dear friends in management – THANK YOU!

As I’m headed north on Amtrak after our fantastic afternoon show at THE ARC, the whole week is racing though my mind, and all I can think about is how grateful I am to all of you for being so open and welcoming to the vision of this experience which we put on together. This vitally important, MUSICALLY inspired program for children was designed to empower us, the musical craftspeople, to share our love of these experiences guided by tradition that have been imparted to each of us, and which has in turn shaped the world. I personally feel that we did that together this week, and set the stage for more to come!

Even though Ankush and I were the faces of the show, the success of this experience was made possible because of the high caliber of music- making coming from all of you in the orchestra. Your artistry made it possible to virtually bounce the energy off two elements – the use of WORDS, and the undeniable power of MUSIC when played with fervor, conviction, and love! It was all so real! Most notably for me was the concert this afternoon, when the energy coming from the stage at The ARC - this satellite, somewhat unfamiliar venue - was so concentrated and powerful! So GOOD!!

It is safe to say that we have the ingredients to seed the next generation of young people, and to give the gift of make-believe and imagination, in a world where instant gratification rules, and innocence is too often trumped by the information age. And we did it authentically, using the tools we have all spent countless hours perfecting and mastering, and through a channel we know best: the language of music! 

Best part: we get to do it again!!

Thanks again all!

Nicolas Kendall